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Joanne N, Sydney
Mother of Yvette 5 and Monique 2

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Sonja’s Story

Sonja Preston, Founder of The Parenting Cafe, has worked with over 500 families, assisting them with child development information, strengthening their bonds with their children and all in a relaxed, fun environment.

1-on-1 Home Visits

Over 500 families have benefitted from these individualised sessions, reassuring parents where their child is at developmentally, supporting the great work done by parents, and providing research based child development knowledge.

Dunstan Baby Language

All newborn babies produce 5 different sounds in their cries. These sounds are all reflex based ie when the baby is hungry, it starts the sucking reflex. When you add sound to that, the result is “neh”. DBL is a way of interpreting a babies cries.

I was very alone after the birth of both my children. My husband worked long hours and I had little family support. Sonja and the parenting program was the reassurance I needed, that what I was doing and how I was raising my small two children, was okay.

Sonja was very well informed on the various aspects of early childhood development and often provided various literature to supplement the advice she gave. Sonja and her program acted as a non-threatening intervention program in many ways to help me analyze what parenting techniques were useful and which ones would need improving.

My children have grown and blossomed into happy, sensible school children. Much of the techniques that helped me through these first 9 years can very much be attributed to the wonderful insight and knowledge that the parenting program and Sonja gave me. Sonja is so passionate about what she does and the mark she leaves on people, I have no doubt that her ventures will only be a success!

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