“Annabelle has learnt and grown so much through all you have taught us and will become a confident child through what you have given us in these early years.”

Cheryl & Nick – Parents, Katherine NT

We were introduced to the PAT Program via our community nurse who used to do home visits each week after the birth of my daughter.

The program along with Sonja’s guidance empowered me to be the best I could be as a parent on many levels.

I put as many activities we received into practice & watched my daughter make great progress. Thanks to Sonja & the program I have made some wonderful relationships that are ongoing today.

I strongly believe the PAT program & Sonja’s hard work & dedication has been instrumental in the way my daughter has adapted so effortlessly into school life as well as her overall positive attitude.

You know what, in this journey that we call life, sometimes we meet those wonderful persons that make a great contribution in your life, because they said something or share something with you, that of course they don’t know how it have impacted you at that time… but I believe in miracles.

Miracles are all those little things and words that make a difference for the better, for the good…and you my dear Sonja, have been one of those wonderful persons that helped me to change and be a better mother, a better friend and a better human being…

So keep going Sonja, the sky is the limit…

As first time parents we appreciated resource that would help us navigate this new world of ‘Babydom’.

The Dunstan system of interpreting your baby’s cry’s really helped us to decipher our baby’s needs which built confidence as a new parent. It not only reduced frustration because we understood what our baby needed, it was foundational in bonding and building connection.

We are truly grateful for the Dunstan practical guide and highly recommend it to all of our expecting friends.

In the short time that we have known you, it is unbelievable how much impact you have had on our lives. You have helped us through many hard times and celebrated the good times.

Annabelle has learnt and grown so much through all you have taught us and will become a confident child through what you have given us in these early years.

Thank you for everything.

Sonja is an honest, knowledgeable and compassionate person, and her enthusiasm for teaching parents, to teach their children, is infectious. I find her to be a person you will never forget. From the first time you meet her, your life is enriched and blessed by having her share in your child’s (and family’s) growth and development.

I believe having monthly home visits from Sonja was a natural and truer way to assess my child’s development, and enabled me to learn how to tailor our playtime, and to prepare my daughter for her school years.

I will forever be grateful to Sonja, for extending her services to provide additional support and assessment for my eldest daughter, when my youngest daughter passed away. During this tragic time, Sonja arranged for a special counselling session to help my friends know how to cope with their own shock, and how to help me through my families grief. Thank You.

I think it is wonderful that Sonja is able to share her knowledge with us.

When I first met Sonja I was so impressed about her desire to reach out to people and share her own personal wisdom and experience that she had been through, for the benefit of others. Gosh what a proactive, positive and deeply humane woman who’s journey and vision seem to have laid the tracks for her current and future success.

She truly is a facilitator of change. Her approach is one that is uniquely and truly beautiful… the concept of not judging, acceptance, gentle nurturing and encouragement all the way along the process and an open and sometimes humorous style of communication.

I am so grateful to Sonja for her time, generosity of spirit and compassion. She has a remarkable energy and I am eternally grateful our paths have crossed.

I can sum Sonja up in one word, AWESOME!!
I never realised how much being a parent would change your life, until I had my first.

From baby, to toddler, to schooling, Sonja has always offered her professionalism and specialised knowledge to help me develop good parenting skills. Without her, I would not be the parent I am today or have the strong relationship I have with my daughter today. I am grateful everyday that Sonja has been in my life during the hardest & most trying part of my life.

My daughter is the girl she is today because of Sonja 🙂
I would not hesitate in recommending Sonja as I know she can make miracles happen!!

Thank you for everything you have helped us with in our family. You have made us a lot stronger family, with so much knowledge that I will treasure and use for years to come. Words can’t express how we feel.

Sonja was very professional from the onset and throughout.  She was very clear about what I could expect from her and also about what was expected from me.

Sonja was non judgmental and respectful and very quickly helped me get to the root of the problem