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I love brewed coffee in a great coffee shop. You know that feeling you get when you connect with like minded friends in a cosy place, offering great service and delicious aromatic coffee. I’m sure you can hear and see what I’m talking about.

I wanted to recreate that feeling of contentment and pleasure, in the parenting sector…

It’s information which will make your parenting so much easier, because you’ll understand why kids do what they do, and how you can best help them to grow and develop.

Sonja Preston
Founder of The Parenting Cafe

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 Articles, and personalised service for you and your family – all you need to know about  child development, brain development, and answers to your questions you about things like sleep, sibling rivalry and tantrums. And, reassurance that you are on the right track!

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Dunstan Baby Language

All newborn babies produce 5 different sounds in their cries. These sounds are all reflex based ie when the baby is hungry, it starts the sucking reflex. When you add sound to that, the result is “neh”. DBL is a way of interpreting a babies cries.

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Organise a Home Visit

Over 800 families have benefitted from these individualised sessions, reassuring parents where their child is at developmentally, supporting the great work done by parents, and providing research based child development knowledge.

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I can sum Sonja up in one word, AWESOME!! I never realised how much being a parent would change your life, until I had my first.

From baby, to toddler, to schooling, Sonja has always offered her professionalism and specialised knowledge to help me develop good parenting skills. Without her, I would not be the parent I am today or have the strong relationship I have with my daughter today.

I am grateful everyday that Sonja has been in my life during the hardest & most trying part of my life. My daughter is the girl she is today because of Sonja 🙂

I would not hesitate in recommending Sonja as I know she can make miracles happen!!

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