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Home Visits

Personalised private sessions with a Senior Parenting Consultant are available

Over 500 families have benefitted from these individualised sessions, reassuring parents where their child is at developmentally,
supporting the great work done by parents, and providing research based child development knowledge.

What do we do in a session?

  • Initial Consultation

    In a session you will see where you child is at developmentally, across the four domains of Language (communication), Intellect (or cognitive), Social-Emotional, and Motor Skills.

  • Next Step

    From the information you provide (through discussion) and from our observations of your child, you then find out  how to help them to develop across the continuum.

  • Handouts & Resources

    At various times you will receive written Parent Handouts about a variety of topics. You will also learn activities which are appropriate for your child, often using items found around the home such a cardboard cylinders and balls.

  • Early Intervention

    The sessions also actively promotes early literacy, by showing parents which books at which ages, and how to read to babies and young children.The consultant is watching for any areas of concern where there may be a developmental delay. If this is the case (such as a speech or motor difficulty), then early intervention provides the best outcomes for the child.

Hear from Happy Parents

How often are sessions held?

The sessions are held at a mutually agreeable time. They can be provided in the comfort of your own home (currently available only in the Hobart area of Tasmania), or via Skype anywhere in the world. The sessions last about an hour, and are generally held monthly.

Who provides the service?

Sonja Preston is a Senior Parenting Consulting, with 18 years experience in the parenting sector, as well as a background in teaching. She is a Parenting Educator in the globally recognised “Parents as Teachers” program, and is an International Trainer for Macquarie University, NSW, training new parent educators. She is also a Dunstan Baby Language  (DBL) educator and Regional Trainer for Tasmania. Sonja is the mother of three adult child.

She has supported over 500 families to understand their children, to be able to better manage the issues which arise, and to enjoy their parenting experience.

How long do I have to sign up for?

The first session is obligation free. We do know that you will see the immense benefits of having a personal consultant available to you, so when you do decide to continue, we have 2 packages available…

How much does it cost?

Session one is a longer session – talking with you about the child, their development to date, any concerns, background information on the family etc, as well as all the regular session sharing as detailed above.  Once you hear and see the benefits and know you want more, you have the choice of:

  • Package
  • Valued at
  • Yours for
  • You save
  • Initial Consultation
  • $ 225.00
  • $ 150.00
  • $ 75.00
  • 3 Month Package
  • $ 450.00
  • $ 450.00
  • 6 Month Package
  • $ 900.00
  • $ 780.00
  • $ 120.00

I can sum Sonja up in one word, AWESOME!!
I never realised how much being a parent would change your life, until I had my first.

From baby, to toddler, to schooling, Sonja has always offered her professionalism and specialised knowledge to help me develop good parenting skills. Without her, I would not be the parent I am today or have the strong relationship I have with my daughter today. I am grateful everyday that Sonja has been in my life during the hardest & most trying part of my life.

My daughter is the girl she is today because of Sonja 🙂
I would not hesitate in recommending Sonja as I know she can make miracles happen!!

Let’s get started…

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Generally we would focus on each child on alternate sessions.

As very young babies it would be a combined session, focussing on both of them. As they grow and individual differences become more apparent, then we would focus on each child at alternative sessions.

The home visits ideally commence during pregnancy, where you learn about the developing child, how to prepare for the arrival of your son/ daughter, and how to adapt to your new role as parents. This visits would occur once per each trimester of the pregnancy.

At the first session we would discuss where the child is at developmentally. All children develop across a continuum, at different rates. We look at how to assist each child to develop their potential, at any level. We discuss with all parents, the value in looking after themselves so that they can have the energy to look after their children.

The important thing is to ensure well-being of the mother, father and baby. We are not PND specialist, and suggest you seek professional advise here. We do provide conversation around establishing routines, the importance of ‘me’ time, and how to reduce stress in parenting, which may assist you.

You are able to have a friend along who can interpret for you.

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