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A Story for Parents

Come and sit down parents, your fairy godmother wants to tell you a timely story… Once upon a time a beautiful baby was born. The parents loved her dearly and took great care of her. They put boundaries around her, to keep her safe. They noticed her signs for when she was tired, and put […]

Family Rituals

In traditional societies there are various times in a child’s life, where special ceremonies take place, to mark their growth and development eg puberty. This was often followed by a family or community gathering, and were an important way of acknowledging a milestone, and they were a time to make that child feel special and […]

Problem Solving through Role Play.

Have you ever had a child throw a tantrum about having their hair washed? Or had a child who is scared whenever they walk past a fence because once a dog growled behind that fence? Or had a child who doesn’t want to go on the swing because once they fell off.   As parents, […]