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Hello from Sonja

Hi Subscribers, My apologies for the lack of articles recently. We have had some glitches, which are now sorted… so onwards and upwards in our parenting journey 2018, Regards Sonja

Setting Your Parenting Intentions for 2018

I’m wondering how many of you made New Year Resolutions – things like giving up smoking, playing more golf, losing weight etc. How are you going with those one month in? If you are like most, the resolutions have gone by the wayside! New Year’s Resolutions often don’t work because of two flaws … Firstly […]

4 Types of Music your Child Needs

Music for babies begins when you first coo to them, or when you are rocking them to sleep whilst humming, or singing a quiet, gentle lullaby. Babies have even heard your music in utereo, including the ‘music’ of your beating heart!   Parents often sing little songs or rhymes to them whilst changing their nappy […]