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Problem Solving through Role Play.

Have you ever had a child throw a tantrum about having their hair washed? Or had a child who is scared whenever they walk past a fence because once a dog growled behind that fence? Or had a child who doesn’t want to go on the swing because once they fell off.   As parents, […]

Windows of Opportunity

Many of you will have heard this term before, in relation to opportunities which come our way. The idea being to grab the chance to do ‘xyz’ now, because the opportunity is only available for a short time.   Did you know that there are windows of opportunity in relation to children and their development? […]

Together Time – How to enhance your relationship with your children.

  Many parents I work with have a hectic schedule of appointments and activities which are fitted in and around work and home duties. These appointments and activities include things such as dental or hair appointments and sporting or cultural activities such a soccer, kindy gym or ballet classes. Many parents want to give their […]